The Lalabela Academy program offers exposure and opportunity to underserved youth in the areas of music, audio research, engineering, and entertainment management.

Beyond the arts and educational aspects of the program, The Lalabela Academy is so much more. The program constitutes proven approaches to moral, social and financial skills development of the students, while capitalizing on the dynamics of the recording industry as a means to engage, stimulate, and inspire today’s youth.


Education Through
The Art

The Lalabela Academy emphasizes education and social entrepreneurship through The Arts to foster positive growth and personal development, as well as knowledge and craftsmanship in various art forms in youth and young adults.

Be mindful of your thoughts, for they become your words. Be mindful of yours words, for they become your deeds. Be mindful of your deeds, for they become character. Be mindful of your character, for it becomes your destiny
— The Lalabela Academy Creed